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How to Make Your Vote Count on Dancing with the Stars


Got Questions? We've got answers!

1. How do I vote?
Well, we have four convenient ways for you to keep your favorite stars dancing. You can vote by phone, text message (AT&T customers only) or simply go online, either at or

2. When exactly can we vote?
2. Phone and text voting (AT&T customers only) following each Monday performance show is open until 60 minutes after the conclusion of that show in your local time zone. Online voting at both and Facebook is open until 11AM ET / 8AM PT the next day.

3. What do I need to do to vote online?
To vote at, a username and a valid email address are a must. We've hopefully made the process pretty easy for you. In fact, if you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can sign in with one of those accounts, connect it to an ABC account and you're ready to go. If you don't have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can simply sign up for an ABC account at 

To vote via Facebook, you can vote by going directly to this page: You will need to have pop-up blockers turned off for Facebook and authorize the Dancing with the Stars voting app.

4. I have an existing ABC account, why do I need to validate my email address?

The short answer is that we've changed our registration system for the better. When you log into your ABC account, you will be sent a confirmation email. Just click on the link inside. Once your account is validated, you're all set to vote for the season. We recommend you validate your account now so you're ready to roll come Dancing premiere night. You can sign in at the top of the page to validate your account.

5. I didn't get the email to validate my account. What should I do?
Please be patient! Sometimes it may take a few minutes for the validation email to be delivered. Also, be sure to check your "spam" folder to make sure the email didn't land there.

6. Help! I forgot my username and/or password. 
Fear not! We can help. If you need to get your member name, click here. If you forgot your password, click here. Told ya we could help.

7. How do I change the email address associated with my account?
Just follow the directions on this page.

8. How are votes tallied?
We have all the details on our About the Vote page. You can read all about it there!

9. Other members of my house would like to vote. Can they?
Sure! Just make sure to log out after you finish voting, then have your other household members log in with their Facebook, Twitter or accounts. It's perfectly fine to vote on the same computer.

10. Is there a minimum age to vote?
Yes, you must be 13 years old in order to vote. Sorry, tweens!

If you are still having problems accessing online voting, send us your feedback here.

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