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Drakesville Animals Crowd Shelter

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Addie Olson



Animal Rescue League Operations Manager Josh Colvin opened the gate to a new life for nearly 300 animals last Friday.

Roosters, pigs and goats now crowd their new home at the ARL.

"They look a lot better than what they did," Colvin said of the animals. "They were in pretty horrendous condition."

Rows of rodents line a room set aside for the small animals, but now they need a permanent place.

"There's always a challenge because of so many different types of animals," said Colvin.

Doves, rats, degus and even a squirrel all wait for their forever homes.

Colvin said it's just a matter of finding the right prospective pet parent for each species.

"We're optimistic that we'll get these all to good homes," he said.

For now, the crowd keeps their rescuers busy.

"It does put a little bit of a strain on our employees, volunteers, but everybody rallies together and takes care of them."

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