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Osceola Farmer Raises Specially Fed Cattle and Pork for Healthier Beef Sticks

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By Ron Marasco



Pete Woltz raises about 50 head of cattle on his Osceola farm.  But they're not just any cows.

"We think we have developed a really unique beef product," said Woltz, who owns and operates the Timber Ridge Cattle Company.

A feed nutritionist told Woltz he may see better results if he mixed flax seed with his barley.

"He'd read about a study that Kansas State University had done a few year's back where they were feeding flax seed to cattle and getting these phenomenal Omega-3 results in their meat," said Woltz.

Try five times higher in Omega-3's than traditional fed beef, and 20% less saturated fat.

"We've been told this by both of the processors that butcher our meat, that it's like no other meat they've ever used," said Woltz.

Pete also adds 30% pork to his beef sticks, and yea, he still calls them beef sticks.

"The pork is adding even more Omega–3's than the beef," said Woltz.  "So we think we have this wonderful, healthy product that's a good alternative to the high–carb snacks."

They're certified as all natural.

"The beef sticks are made with no sodium nitrates or MSG," said Woltz.  "We trim all our meat to 90% lean, so it's very local.  There's just 60 calories per stick."

Woltz says they're so healthy, moms have latched on to them.

"What is just most gratifying is the number of young families that buy the product to put in their kids' lunches," said Woltz.

Woltz sells his beef sticks mostly at farmers' markets and local co–ops, but you can also buy them at some local retailers like Hy–Vee or Gateway Markets.

"It would not be practical unless we direct–marketed the meat," said Woltz.  "There would not be at this point any packing plants that would pay a premium for flax seed beef."

But Woltz says that's OK.  His product sells anyway.  Woltz says people are looking to buy local and buy healthy.

For more on the Timber Ridge Cattle Company, we have a link to their website here.

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