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Bizarre Blizzard Hits Iowa

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By: Claire Powell


The heavy, slushy snow gave Iowa drivers trouble all day long.

Thursday morning started with fog and drizzle. By noon, heavy sleet had started and within the hour, heavy snow blanketed the roads.

"This morning when it was raining, I thought maybe it would be warm and they'd be wrong but apparently not. It just keeps getting worse from here so hopefully it lifts up soon," said Spencer Partrich, a driver.

Even kids who got out early for school are tired of the snow.

"I like snow for snow days, but that's pretty much it," said Libby Mann.

Traveling very far, got old very quickly.

"It's nasty! I drove up from Burlington and the roads are slick and I'm tired of this because I work outside in construction and this is the worst I've ever seen in thirty years," said Tim Bembow, a driver.  

Some Iowans are just trying to shrug it off.

"Try to have a good day, be positive I guess. We're all sick of the snow, everyone has seasonal depression and I'm ready to get some vitamin D!" said Jamie Allen, a driver. 

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