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Iowans Growing Tired Of Winter Weather

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By: Claire Powell


Iowans woke up to more snow Saturday morning and many said this snow felt more like the last straw.

Des Moines was in white-out conditions for most of the Saturday morning commute and drivers were less than thrilled.

"It was another one of those mornings, you open up the windows and see nothing but white unexpectedly and in my opinion unfortunately," said Genevieve Coleson, a driver.

It even took the metro plows off guard. Some plows didn't hit the roads until almost noon on Saturday.

"An hour ago when I left I couldn't see lines on the roads," said Coleson. "So you definitely had people slipping and sliding and kind of have to help shovel people out."

"I was going a little slower, going under the speed limit being careful. You know I have a little car so it's not as good in the snow," said Taylor Cain, another driver.

Iowa State Patrol responded to over 25 separate collisions and assisted 55 drivers along the roadsides.

"It's not so much the roads, it's the other drivers," said Brian Spiker, who was driving back to Polk City.

"I'm certainly glad I have 4 wheel drive. I don't know how people who don't are managing… hands to them because I couldn't do it," said Coleson.

Many Iowa drivers said they're tired of the tease.

"Thursday was tease! It was nice, it was 40's and the next day it dropped 20 degrees and it was snowing," said Coleson.

"I wouldn't consider moving yet, but it's kind of getting close," said Spiker.

Iowan's can't help but picture a scene where the color white isn't involved.

"I would like mother nature to make up her mind in a warm way so we can put all of this behind us," said Coleson.

"It's been a long one and I'm definitely ready for spring and to see some green," said Spiker.

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