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Net Farm Income Projected To Drop 27 Percent

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Addie Olson


Growing is a guessing game.    

"We've dealt with this kind of stuff for a long time as farmers," said Nevada farmer Brian Sampson.

When the USDA released a report Wednesday morning that net farm income is expected to drop 27 percent in 2014, Sampson guessed how it would impact him.

Bad corn and soybean prices are largely responsible for the decline. Sampson grows both.

"The markets go up, the markets go down and you just try to find your place and where you can survive in it I guess," said Sampson.

The livestock market is up, though - something Sampson guesses will keep him in decent shape.

As for the twenty seven percent projected drop...

"That number doesn't worry me," said Sampson. "It makes me think I maybe need to be better."

Sampson turns any worry into work.

"Are you going to fight harder or are you just going to kind of give up? I guess I like to think I'm going to kind of fight harder and be better at what I do," said Sampson.

As one of Iowa's farmers who feeds people around the world, he can only guess that people will keep on eating and things will come back around.

"We'll keep trying to improve," said Sampson.

Even though the net income is forecast to be down 27 percent from last year, it's still well above its previous ten year average.

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