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Vicious Dogs Maul Family's Pets

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By: Claire Powell


A Des Moines family returned home to a horrific scene in their backyard on Wednesday night.

Buck Pratt, who lives on East 36th Street, came home from work and called for his two dogs to come inside. When he looked out of the back door, he saw a blood trail leading to his Cocker Spaniel, Roxy and his Lhasapoo, Jack. They both were laying in the snow and had been mauled to death.

When Des Moines Animal Control arrived, Pratt's neighbor said she had seen a large, white dog run from his yard earlier that day.

"We had a third party drive by and ask us if we were looking for a couple dogs that she had seen running and one that appeared to be a larger white dog with blood on his face," said Sergeant Jim Butler, Des Moines Police Department and Animal Control.

Shortly after, they found the two dogs that people had seen running around the area. Fisk, a white Husky-Labrador mix and Marcus, a Labrador-Mastiff mix, were both spattered with blood. Their owners, Carrie and Steve Pandzak, turned them over to animal control to be put in quarantine for investigation.

"We obtained some Facebook postings that were rather informative which steered me in the direction to believe we did have the two animals that we needed," said Sgt. Butler.

The two dogs have had a history of killing smaller animals, including the Pandzak's family cat not very long ago.

"I'm fearful that if these animals were to be out again on the street, they may have the propensity to kill again, especially if they're running together," said Sgt. Butler.

Buck Pratt's Facebook page said his daughters, ages two and five, are still heartbroken and have had a hard time sleeping. His Facebook post yesterday read, "Lots of people have pets and kids in this neighborhood and they should be safe in their yards. Our dogs were our family and they did not deserve this heinous of a death."

As for Fisk and Marcus, the two have to be turned over by their owners to Des Moines Animal Control's custody. From there, they are required to be quarantined 10 days before euthanasia .

"We will do what the code and law requires us to do. We need to make sure that these two animals are not responsible for another vicious attack," said Sgt. Butler.

The Pandzak's could be facing two counts of dogs at large and two counts of damage to property. 

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