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Crunch Time For Body Shops

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Addie Olson


Winter weather steers drivers off the roads and into Scotty's Body Shop each year. With all of the business, it can be hard to fit everyone in.

"Typically we can make about 40 cars fit in 27 parking spots," said Curtis Mayfield of Scotty's. "It's kind of a trade secret."

Last week Scotty's took in nearly double their car capacity.

While employees are hard at work. . .

"Any of our employees is typically working on two cars, at least," said Mayfield.

The car–owners are put on hold.

"The average claim this time of year can range between one and two weeks for repair. That would typically tend to be somewhere more along the lines of a one to seven day repair in the summer time," Mayfield said.

They crank through car after car, mostly patching up busted bumpers and tire damage. Mayfield said blizzards do cause a lot of wrecks, but that's not always the case.

"Biggest thing we can remind people is the most dangerous time to drive is first thing in the morning after a warm day," he said.

Refreeze catches drivers off guard, accounting for a good portion of their backed up business.

"It really doesn't take 12 inches of snow and -40 degrees to make for busy accident weather," Mayfield said. "Really it takes 25 degrees and a little bit of moisture."

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