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Plows Battling Cars In The Roadways

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By: Claire Powell

Saturday's brief sunshine and twenty degree temperatures helped roads melt quickly. 

Finally temperatures were high enough that de-icing agents like salt could break down some of the thicker ice patches and snow drifts along roadsides. 

Thanks to Friday's overnight snowfall, public works crews are still working their 12 hour shifts.

"Sometimes they'll work from just when the storm starts, till however many days to get it cleaned up," said Clint Carpenter, West Des Moines Public Works. "It takes its' toll, it takes several days to actually recuperate from that and when we have back-to-back storms, then you no more get caught back up and your right back in the same schedule again."

Saturday, fleets of trucks were scraping every inch of snow they could off of the streets. However, some streets were more difficult than others.

"See the mess that that vehicle leaves and when that freezes tonight when its zero... it's impossible to get cleared," said Carpenter, pointing to a car parked on a roadside.

Some West Des Moines residents aren't listening to their mandatory snow ordinances. Road crews end up plowing around the cars and making a second trip back to clear the road.

"The snow ordinance is there for a purpose, so we don't damage their vehicle and we are able to plow the streets effectively," said Carpenter.

The fine for parking your car on the roadside is now $50, which is a pain for the vehicles owner. However, Carpenter says it's an even bigger pain for the city drivers. 

"We basically have to stop our trucks, pick the wing plow up to go around them which takes time. There's also a risk that the vehicle could get damaged. It's happened in the past, it could happen again," said Carpenter. 

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