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Group Gives Away AR-15

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by Phil Prazan


The group Iowa Gun Owners sponsored a free gun drawing.  If you register, you could win a popular but taboo rifle.  The group is protesting gun control bills still alive in the Iowa Statehouse.

Jim Hirschberg is a proud and longtime supporter of groups trying to increase 2nd Amendment rights.

So when Iowa Gun Owners wanted to sponsor a gun giveaway, he jumped on the chance to be the federal firearm licensee that would handle the paperwork and the background checks.

To gather more Iowans to their cause and to increase awareness of gun restrictions, they chose the popular AR-15.

But choosing the AR-15, they've drawn the eye of liberal groups.

The AR-15 has been used in high profile mass shootings in D.C. and in Newtown.
"There are politicians that have wanted to take our guns away since the inception of the 2nd Amendment," says Jim Hirschberg as he explains why constant vigilance is required.
"They're trying to bring awareness to bills that are currently out there.  I think they could have used a better venue," says Rep. Bruce Hunter (D-Des Moines)

Rep. Hunter is working on the bills in the house that would restrict magazine sizes and increase background checks.

He wants both bills to move out of committee this session, but doubts it will happen.

Coming elections have caused many to predict a short session and there's little hope that anything will change in any direction.

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