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Changes Planned for Water Works Park

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Addie Olson


Water Works Park is twice the size of New York City's Central Park. It's acreage spreads across the heart of Des Moines and is split by the Raccoon River.

"We need places like this, especially living in a city," said Kaleb Bowen of Des Moines.

Bowen drives to the park a few times each week, even braving the winter months.

"I love the trails that go back in the woods, because my dogs love to go back in the brush and stuff," he said.

They have plenty of room to run, but Des Moines Water Works wants to see more than what the acreage already offers.

"Ultimately we want the park itself to be a better platform for educating users about a river park," said Water Works CEO Bill Stowe.

Stowe plans to make room for more water activities in the park. He also wants to connect it to Gray's Lake with an overpass or underpass. 

Stowe also plans to create a better area for outdoor events, but what he really wants is to hear what park users want.

"I used to come out here a lot with my friends and disc golf a lot," said Bowen. "There used to be some holes and it'd be nice to see those back."

The park revamp will be privately funded. The big changes could still be years away, which is why input is so important now.

"They need to give us direction on what their hopes, concerns and expectations are," Stowe said of park-goers.

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