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How Cold Is Too Cold For Colleges?

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Addie Olson


Like most colleges in the state, Drake University stayed open Monday. It was the first day back to class after break for Drake students, and one that many wish they could have skipped.

When it feels like -30 and the wind leaves most people reluctant to step outside, it's still not enough to keep college students out of class for the day.

"When I walk outside and can't feel my face I feel like classes should be canceled," said student Emma Clement.

So how cold is too cold for students to scurry around campus?

The Drake University Provost makes that final call, but only after the facilities director and chief of campus security walk around to observe any unsafe conditions.

The wind chill Monday just wasn't enough to move Drake's first day back to their second.

"It's a bit of a chilly welcome back for the students, but, it's safe," said Drake University spokesperson Jarad Bernstein.

Students did whatever they could to keep warm while they trekked from building to building.

"I probably looked a little odd running from one end of campus to the other, but if it's going to keep me warm, I'll do it," said student Annie Stella.

The university said there's no set temperature at which they cancel classes. It all depends on what the Provost decides is safe for students on a day to day basis.

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