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Fluffy Cows Become an Internet Sensation

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By Ron Marasco




They've been all the buzz since a photo went viral on Reddit.com.

"They are a different breed," said Cody McCullough of Matt Lautner Cattle, referring to the fluffy cows.

And a pampered one at that.  McCullough says the name fluffy cows, as you might guess, came from a non-farmer.
"It originally came from a city person actually, commenting on our pictures on Facebook or on the Internet," said McCullough.

McCullough doesn't call them fluffy cows though.

"We call them calves or beef production cattle," said McCullough.

Whatever you call them, don't call them late for their spa-like treatment. 

"Mainly this whole thing started out to promote the beef industry," said McCullough.

But it ended up promoting Iowa's biggest web hit on CNN's Headline News "Top 50 Viral Moments of 2013."

"People were commenting on how great our cows, our bulls looked out there, and how fluffy they were," said McCullough.

McCollough and others turn their barn into a salon.  They blow the cows' fur and then shave it a bit to make it stand up and look fluffy.

"I mean it makes you feel really good," said McCullough. "(That) all the time and work you spend, and put into these guys that people really appreciate it and notice it."

People notice it all right, to the tune of more than 43,000 "likes" on their "Fluffy Cows R Us" 
Facebook page.

"(It) makes our hard work and time and effort that we put into these guys feel worthwhile," said McCullough.

The cows may look pretty, but that doesn't always spare them from the dinner table.

"Yup, yup, pretty much," said McCullough.

So has McCullough had any visitors come to the door wanting to pet the fluffy cows?

"We haven't had that yet," said a smiling McCullough.  "But, I mean, who knows?"

 Owner Matt Lautner also clones his bulls.  A top fluffy show bull can fetch up to $100,000.


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