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Endless Cycle of Cold

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The National Weather Service said in just 24 hours the temperature will drop 70 degrees with Monday's forecasted windchills.

"Temperatures are going to be dropping rapidly this evening," NWS Meteorologist Kurt Kotenburg said Sunday. "Sunday we had temperatures of about 40 degrees in Des Moines. By Monday morning we'll be around -30 or so with the wind chills."

This isn't the first time Iowa has seen a big temperature swing this winter. The cycle all starts with a round of snow:

"And then we'll have very cold air behind that, temperatures will kind of flatten out, another round of snow, more cold air," said Kotenburg.

That cycle has been going on since December. It's responsible for the 70 degree swing and Iowa's fair share of highs and lows.

"We've had a couple mornings where we set record cold temperatures, and we've also set record warm low temperatures," Kotenburg said.

The ups and downs leave a lot of Iowans guessing, and hoping for the warm days, which come around less often than the cold.

"Lots more using the dog door than taking walks, so we try to take advantage of the good weather whenever we can," said Jane Hudson of Des Moines

At Raccoon River, Hudson and her dog enjoyed a few hours in the 40's.

"We just thought we better get out before it gets cold tonight," Hudson said.

Anyone looking for an end to the system of cold and more cold, may be waiting a little longer.

"It's definitely unique," Kotenburg said. "Usually systems like this, they'll last just a couple weeks and then kind of return to the normal pattern."

The NWS expects the pattern of ups and downs to continue through the month of February.

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