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Gun Right Advocates Stand Their Ground

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Addie Olson


Gun control has been a hot button topic for years. Sunday Iowans on one side of the argument gathered at the State Capitol.

A lot of emotion came from unwavering Iowans in front of the Statehouse Sunday:

"This is something we need to stand up and fight for," said rally organizer Chris Pierce.

"I believe in it pretty passionately," said Steve Sherman, who spoke at the rally.

"It's kind of the way of the American life," said attendee Dave Dreier.

Pierce organized the Guns Across America rally. He's one of many firearm advocates taking shots at gun control.

"Once they take away our assault weapons, what's next," asked Pierce. "Do they take away our hunting rifles? Our deer rifles?"

He said growing up in Iowa, guns are second nature.

"I loved guns since I was a kid," Pierce said.

NRA member and U.S. Senate hopeful Sam Clovis spoke at the rally.

"This is a natural constituency that I have," Clovis said of the gathering. "I'm very happy and proud to be here."

Sherman, a Grinnell native, wrote a fictional novel called "Mercy Shot."

It's focused on gun rights and what Sherman believes is the peoples' duty to protect them.

"They're not the reason things happen, peoples' hearts are why things happen," he said. "Guns are just a tool, they've been part of heritage for hundreds of years and hopefully they can stay that way."

The Guns Across America gathering was a nationwide event. "Stand your ground" rallies were held at all 50 state capitols over the noon hour Sunday.

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