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Blizzard Catches Drivers Off Guard

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Addie Olson


Thursday's winter storm made drivers around the metro very frustrated.

"If there's any incline, it's icy. It's treacherous, there's some white–out conditions in different areas and a lot of people are in the ditch," said one driver.

Snow and ice covered the roads, turning 15 minute trips into complete stand-stills.

"People are sliding everywhere," said another driver. "I've been driving home from 62nd Street for the past hour."

"I normally don't like the speed limit, but I was driving 15 miles an hour by choice because it just was not safe to be driving any faster than that."

With no chance of making it home quickly, drivers just hoped to make it home at all.

"I'm going to have a cup of hot cocoa and I'm hoping I just stay in for the night," one person said.

"I'll get home and eat what's probably a cold dinner at this point. But it's cold outside, so why should dinner be any different?"


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