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Iowans Warm Up On Sunday

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Addie Olson


Bitter wind chills kept people inside all last week, but Sunday they got the chance to burn off some of that cabin fever.

In one week Des Moines went from wind chills of almost 40 below to a balmy high of 49 degrees.

"Paradise to say the least," said James Brennan who was enjoying Gray's Lake with his family. "Fourteen below isn't exactly my style."

People stored up energy staying inside last week and finally got the chance to jog, walk or bike it off.

"How can you not?" Brennan asked. "Forty-five degrees out - been cooped up inside all winter long. This is great."

Others were happy to spray off weeks worth of winter muck as car washes drove in big business Sunday.

Like many Iowans, CeCe Ibson takes what she can get when it comes to Iowa winters.

"If it was like ten degrees warmer I'd put the top down," Ibson said of her convertible while she washed it. "I might anyway, when you consider it was 40 below this time last week."

They say if you don't like the weather here wait a few minutes.

"That's what we get for living in Iowa though," Ibson said. "It's never very predictable."

"It's just normal Midwest weather," said Brennan. "We're used to it."

Some are hoping we can squeeze in a few more warm days like this one.

"That it will stay like this!" predicted Gray's Lake goer Bailey Vasseau. "Get warmer maybe," added her friend Ashton Thompson.

"We'll see how it goes," said Steve Russell who was also walking around the lake. "I hope it stays warmer than usual."

Ibson, however, isn't holding out hope.

"I'll dry it off, drive around a little bit and put it back away," she said of her car.

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