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Working Through The Frigid Cold

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Addie Olson


On a day when everyone was told to stay inside, some who work outdoors were extra busy because of the cold.

Workers at the Interstate Battery Center in Windsor Heights quickly changed batteries in the numbing cold just to keep up with the rush Monday.

"Heavy traffic started on Saturday," said manager Paul Prueitt. "It was to the extent that we had to make an extra trip to the distributor to pick up more batteries."

Some people who were supposed to be at work flooded into the Interstate Battery Center instead.

"Went to go start the car for work, car didn't start, then tried to start my husband's car which also did not start," said Sara Stiles or Des Moines.

Stiles was running a few hours late for work.

"It's been stressful," she said.

It could be worse, though, if your car waits to give out until you're on the actual road.

Highway Helper Phil Davis looked for stranded cars along the interstate. If the car breaks down once you're on the road, you better hope he sees you soon.

"When it's this cold out? Very dangerous for them," Davis said. "It doesn't take long for frostbite or hypothermia to set in."

Car issues kept Davis busy in the -40 wind chills.

"Some days it can be a very long day with very few stops and other days the day flies by because we're slammed," Davis said.

But braving the weather was worth it for Phil, so anyone who was stranded didn't have to.

"You pull up behind them, go check on them, their smile is ear to ear just because they know that we're there to help - that they're not forgotten," said Davis.

Stranded on the road is not where you want to end up on a day like today. The DOT urges drivers to go out on the roads prepared. Have an emergency kit and a charged cell phone on you at all times.

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