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'Miracle' Saves Pella Newborn

 By: Jason Rantala



Tiny newborn Jackson Boender was born just three weeks ago, but almost right away, doctors knew something was wrong.

Jackson was born December 12th, but something wasn't right. Doctor's noticed his hands and feet were purple.

After a few days of tests, doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia. It wasn't until they checked Jackson's blood that they found he had a very low blood platelet count.

"Once his platelets were critically low, then we were pretty scared," said Jackson's mom, Emily Boender.

To complicate things, Jackson's platelet type was very rare, with the odds of finding a match about one out of hundreds of thousands.

So it was decided Jackson needed a transfusion. Despite his rare platelet type, Jackson's mom matched him perfectly.

"He's been great and we're so thankful that he's healthy," said Boender.

Had Jackson's mom been unable to donate, his family would have had to rely on a match from an out of state blood bank.

Finding a match would have been tough with Jackson's rare platelets and would likely have taken too much time.

It was December 24th that Emily gave her transfusion, which was then given to Jackson on Christmas day.

"This really was a life saving event that happened on Christmas Eve and really was a Christmas miracle," said Dr. Sara Shunkwiler with LifeServe Blood Center.

Thanks to this 'miracle', doctors say Jackson should lead a perfectly normal life.

January is Blood Donor Month, which organizers hope will help raise awareness there will be more stories like Jackson's in the future.

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