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Majority of People Satisfied With Des Moines

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 By: Claire Powell


The Citizen Satisfaction Survey results say 81% people are satisfied with the quality of life in Des Moines.

The survey said Des Moines is setting the standards for similar-sized cities all around the country.

From new buildings to entertainment, people are happy.

"I think Des Moines is one of the best places you can live," said Gerald Hollingsworth of Des Moines.

"There's a lot of investment, a lot of housing coming in downtown. These improvements make it an exciting place to be," said Rick Clark, Des Moines City Manager.  

Over 70% of people like the way their communities look and how clean the city keeps them.

"It's an affordable place to live and close to where all the action is," said Joanna and Forrest Determann. "There's lots of cultural things to do all within a short distance from our home."

The downtown atmosphere is also a big attraction.  

"They have the Civic Center, many things you can be a member of or spontaneously do," said Hollingsworth.

"Very family friendly, and the cultural is growing in a nice way," said Becky Beaman of Des Moines.

However, the survey also pointed out some major flaws that the city will need to improve.  

"There are potholes that need to be fixed, streets that need to be resurfaced, bridges that need to be brought up to standard," said Des Moines Mayor Frank Cownie.

"There's too much reliance on the property taxes. You see that in the desire to see additional investments in public infrastructure," said Clark.

People living in Des Moines agree.  

"They need to continue to make more areas for bikers. They've done a great job on Ingersoll Avenue area. Just considering bikers on all streets in the city, too," said Joanna Determann.

"Probably property taxes, if they could lower those somehow, but compared to other cities in the Midwest we're sitting pretty well really. I think we have to pay taxes to get the things we like, so I'm willing to pay that," said Beaman.

The city said to continue these level of improvements, Des Moines will need to diversify their revenue streams and see where they can make changes in a budget that's been continually cut over the last few years.  

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