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Snow Means Business for Removal Crews

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By Addie Olson


For private snow removal crews, six inches of snow means big business.

When Mother Nature sends down this much snow, it takes a lot of man power to clear it out. Reliable property services blows through more than 100 properties every snowfall.

It takes shovel crews, plow crews, and even a computer system to keep track of the snow removal.

It takes manager Mark Manning to keep track of all of them.

"Keeping them organized and routed and keeping their equipment up and working," Manning said of his role.

Mark's no stranger to the 12 a.m. alarm that woke him up this morning.

"It's hard to make plans in the winter because winter weather can just pop up out of no where," Manning said.

When the snow keeps most people from getting to work, it's what keeps these guys in business.

Mark's been plowing through winter storms for the last 20 years, which sometimes makes for those early hours and even missing holidays

"It's not fun," he said. "Not fun for the family members you have to break it to that you won't be there."

Reliable shovels and plows the snow regardless of when it comes. If it looks like you shouldn't be out on the roads, that's probably right where you'll find them.

"We're out driving in the most hazardous conditions," he said. "When everyone's telling you you shouldn't be out driving that's when we're out."

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