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Iowans Deal with Major Icing

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by Phil Prazan


This is one thing Iowa winter brings that isn't much appreciated: that morning trudge out into the cold to get all of that ice off your car and driveway.
That routine was done on almost every car this morning not in a garage. 

It brought a rush of traffic to the hardware stores.  Over at True Value on 63rd and Grand in Des Moines, they knew it was coming. they restocked their shovels and brought out buckets of ice melt.

Managers say right at 6 a.m., customers rushed through the ice aisle.

Iowans picked up all types of supplies.  This frustrating morning just so happened to be good for business.
"They come in and they're getting ice scrapers and maybe some liquid ice check to put on the windshields and then they're getting ice-melt of if they have new concrete they're going to want sand instead of ice melt and you're shovels.  Yep, winter supplies," says Todd Treese from True Value.
Remember, Iowans are also responsible for the sidewalk in front of their house. While it might not be the first priority when going to work in the morning, be sure to have it done before someone falls in front of your house.

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