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Christmas Time Crime

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by Phil Prazan


It's the gift giving time of year and police gave some tips today to make sure those gifts you bought go to the people you want them to.

Police say it all starts at the stores, where millions of people rush in to shop across the country.  Those sales lead to bags, boxes and trunks full of valuable gifts.

In the past few years, it's no secret our society has been inundated with technology.  Gadgets are popular presents. Iowans take tablets, e-books and phones pretty much everywhere, including cars.  Vehicles are prime targets for criminals looking into windows searching for something expensive to steal.

Sgt. Jason Halifax from Des Moines police says to write down serial numbers for all of your valuable items.

For credit cards, constant vigilance is required. Watch credit card statements, bills and online purchase. 

"Checking out, there's a line behind you of 15 people.  This clerk is trying to get you ran through and if you're up to no good maybe you have a little more opportunity to be a little more sneaky in what you're doing because it's just so busy," says Sgt. Halifax with Des Moines P.D. as he explains how criminals take advantage of busy situations.

Also police say that even though it's busy, take your time checking out.  Make sure you put your receipts away, your cash and cards back in your wallet or purse and safely away. 

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