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Learning to Fly at the Playhouse

 By: Jason Rantala



We all dream of flying. For performers at the Des Moines Playhouse, that dream has become reality. 

For those in the Des Moines Playhouse performance of Peter Pan, taking flight can be nerve wracking, especially your first time. 

"It's the most awesome feeling," said Samantha Arneson, who portrays Peter Pan.

The flying actors perform aerially with the help of a harness, a hook and a wire.

"We look like yo-yo's apparently. I think it feels like a trampoline without the bounce on the bottom. I mean I can't even explain it, it's so much fun," said Meredith Toebben, who portrays Wendy Darling.

Of course none of this could be done without "flyers," the guys who lift the "flyees," as they've been dubbed, up and down in the air.

"It's still really nerve racking the second or two before we hook her up we're just on pins and needles," said flyer Kevin Higdon.

While the flyers take their jobs seriously, they still know how to have a little fun with the performers. Flyers Kevin Higdon and Kyle Bochart work with Arneson.

"We try to see how close we can get her to the walls without actually hitting the wall," said Bochart.     

"Yeah they pull me up and down during fly check all the time," said Arneson.

But when it's show time, it's all business.

"There's just a lot of trust between the flyer and the person that's flying, I mean we have full faith in everyone that's backstage, so that's a really good bond to have between the people on stage and the people off stage," said Toebben.

The show opened December 6th and goes through the 29th at the Playhouse.

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