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Iowans Dream Of Mega Millions

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By: Claire Powell


What would you do if you won the Mega Millions jackpot?

Tuesday, the jackpot soared to $636 million and has an estimated cash-out around $342 million.

The $50 million jump made Iowans who were buying tickets even more excited.

"Just think what good you could do with that kind of money! You could help millions of people!"

That's exactly what some people want to do if they win.

"Charity would be the main thing I'd do, then family!"  

"I'd give to my church, charities, family. It'd be a fun Christmas!"

Others had plans to escape the cold, Iowa winter.

"I'm already happily retired, so I think I'd go some place warm and then I'd give a bunch away!"

"I would definitely move somewhere that never ever, ever, ever snows… ever! Rather than that, I would travel, help friends and family out."

The 1 in 259,000,000 odds made some people rethink their decision, but most couldn't resist buying a ticket.

Most people had a list of things they would do, or buy, first. 

"It would be nice! I'm not optimistic, but new house, pay off the bills, get things for grand kids, kids, buy houses and vacations."

Others truly believed they were holding the winning numbers.

"These are two winning lottery tickets! Pretty sure these are the winning ones! Everyone else can just go home now."

"This is the winning ticket! I never buy these things, but I felt compelled to spend two dollars. I could go into happy land for the rest of my life."

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