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A Special Time of Year for Egg Nog Enthusiasts

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By: Jason Rantala



Nothing goes together quite like egg nog and the holidays. Some people can't even go without it.

"We just get a lot of fan mail," said Anderson Erickson CEO Warren Erickson.

The holiday beverage has been made at Anderson Erickson Dairy for more than 50 years, and has its fair share of enthusiastic supporters.

"We get love letters all year round about 'can you ship me some egg nog,' or 'can we get egg nog," said Erickson.

The Christmas concoction of milk, cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla, nut meg, combined with a "secret ingredient," are all mixed together, before cartons are formed, lids are put on and product is poured in.

Cartons are then sealed, put in a cooler and shipped to your grocer.

Egg nog is produced from early October through Christmas. In that time, close to one million cartons are sold, enough cartons to stretch from Des Moines to Davenport.

Erickson says the week before Christmas is their biggest week for egg nog sales. That's when they expect to sell more than 175,000 cartons.

Passionate egg-noggers will freeze their nogs and eat it out of season, like on the Fourth of July.

Whether you're enjoying your nog this holiday or stashing it away in your freezer for the apocalypse, egg nog is something some just can't live without.

"We're making a lot egg nog. We're satisfying a lot of holiday treats and traditions, and we're happy to do it, it's a fun time."

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