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DOT Changes Rules for Highway Cameras

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by Phil Prazan


The Iowa DOT decided to take control of traffic cameras.  Any speed or red light cameras towns use on State roads from now on, must meet their approval.

Up until now, cities had the say where to place the cameras.

That's not entirely true anymore.  The DOT commissioners approved rules that only allow traffic cameras on the Interstate and Highways after the jurisdiction proves it's a hazardous driving area and that other options have been exhausted.

The vote was unanimous.

Systems only on city or county streets won't be touched.  The ones already up and giving people tickets are grand fathered in, but starting in 2014, they have to prove they improve safety, not just raise revenue.

"Some sort of control and oversight, a check and balance you might say," says Steve Gent from the DOT's Office of Traffic and Safety.

In February the DOT has to finalize agreements with a legislative committee.

Then they'll have two options.  They ok the plans, or they allow the full legislature to take up the issue.

Metro Cities with Traffic Cameras - Last Fiscal Year:

Speed Cameras

Des Moines has ticketed 42,531 drivers raising $1,282,022.

Windsor Heights has ticketed 2,185 drivers raising $53,830.

Red Light Cameras

Clive has ticketed 12,877 drivers raising $706,673.

Des Moines has ticketed 10,921 drivers raising $195,175.

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