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Estimated 100 Officers Respond to Creston Ave Shooting

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Addie Olson


Steven Vogel, 38, of Des Moines was shot and killed by Des Moines Police Wednesday after sending 100 rounds of gunfire through his South side neighborhood.

"He was seen shouldering the weapon, directly aiming at motorists and officers," said Des Moines P.D. Sgt. Jason Halifax.

A look at the aftermath of  Vogel's shooting spree shows bullet holes through windows and homes where families were hiding during the chaos.

The scene reflects a sentiment of police:

"It could have been much worse," said Maj. Steve Waymire of the Des Moines P.D.

"It could have very easily resulted in more injuries or death," Halifax said.

"These are very chaotic scenes," said Des Moines Police Chief Judy Bradshaw of witness accounts. "We are, as a community, very fortunate that the human life toll wasn't much higher."

Neighbors described their sheer terror. The owner of one home said bullets flew just inches above her husband's head.

Police estimate 100 officers responded to the shooting.

"It was a remarkable scene," Waymire said. "We had officers climbing on top of garages to try and get a vantage point to protect themselves and other officers."

The ordeal went on for about 20 minutes before police took the shooter down.

"I was just awestruck with their courage to move into the area, to get themselves positioned," Bradshaw said.

It was a response that police say couldn't have been much better, to a situation that could have been much worse.

"We're very fortunate that it played out the way it did yesterday. It really had the potential to be a horrific scene," said Bradshaw.

The investigation is still ongoing. Police have no motive for what Vogel did. They'll do a full search of the house and all of the evidence.

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