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New Substance Sold in Iowa

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by Phil Prazan



Your local mall, might be selling something dangerous.  It's the newest thing Iowa's drug agents are worried about, an herbal substance called Kratom.

An Ames Drug Task Force officer went into a local head shop, spotting something new and bought it.

There's not a wave yet, but Kratom is popping up more and more places.

It's said to come from a tree from southeast Asia and is completely organic.

In low doses is supposedly a stimulant, in high doses, an opiate.

It's not illegal to sell to minors but the Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved it. 

"Again, there's nothing illegal about selling it.  There's nothing illegal about possessing it but we think you ought to know that it's out there.  Especially if we've got kids thinking it's safe to use," says Commander Huff from the Ames PD.

The Federal DEA and the Governor's Office of Drug Control Policy both placed Kratom on their watch list.



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