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Changing GED Test, Students Rushing To Finish

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By: Claire Powell


People are cramming and rushing to finish their GED testing.

Starting in 2014, the GED test will be replaced with the HiSET, the High School Equivalency Test, and will be given online as well as pencil/paper.

Preparation for the test will be given through the High School Equivalency Program, previously known as the GED Institute 

If students haven't passed all five sections of the test by the end of this year, they'll have to start all over again. They will lose all of the previous test scores and will have to pay the new $60 fee to start over.

"If you've only done three, those three will be tossed out. That means at the beginning of the year it starts all over again, so that's the sense of urgency," said Tyrone Hunt, DMACC GED Programmer.

The panic has made testing center much busier than usual.

 "The numbers now are amazing! I've been doing this for six years and the number of GED students coming in... we're averaging about 35-37 tests a day," said Rick Carpenter, Southridge DMACC.

People are realizing time is running out.

"Oh, I better get this done now before I lose them all! I have three tests done… and have two more left," said Casey Ruby, a student preparing to finish his GED.

"Oh man, the rush to get it done! I'm like I should've done it five months ago," said Alicia Bushman-Wilson, a student.

"They're aware of the change and instead of waiting until next year, they're coming in every day, every week, coming in droves to get this done," said Hunt.

Five tests to take, plus six weeks left in the year, equals crunch time for many people hopeful to get their degree.  

"If you don't get it done, all the tests that you've paid for are void and start all over again, and pay for it all over again," said Bushman-Wilson.

The new test will cost $60 compared to the GED test which is around $120. 

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