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Auditor Asks Voters to Send Early

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by Phil Prazan


We have an election coming up next week: Tuesday, November 5th, for city council and some ballot initiatives.
But if you weren't planning on voting the day of, there's something you really need to know.

The Polk County Auditor's Office says absentee or early voters should try and get their ballots in as early as possible.
The last major election in Polk County was for school board, last month.  During that race, 75 Polk County votes were unable to be counted.

According to Iowa law, votes coming in after the deadline need to be postmarked.  The post office doesn't postmark business reply mail, which is how the auditors office sends out absentee ballots.

So those 75 votes were caught between laws and policies.

Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald says they expect a large turnout, beating early voting records held since 2003.

But there's still 800 absentee ballots out there in Polk County.

He asks voters to get them in: the earlier, the better.

"If you've made up your mind.  It's very important to get that thing in, so we can receive it before the deadline.  There's no guarantees on the postmark, so we really want to make sure that voters that have absentee ballots, early votes, that they get those in to our office," says Fitzgerald.

Those absentee ballots have to be postmarked by this next Monday.  Fitzgerald says you can drop your ballot off at the post office, and ask them to postmark it.

Or you can bring them down to their office at 120 2nd Avenue in Des Moines to make sure your vote gets counted.

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