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Madison County Bridge Closing

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Addie Olson


People who live near a closed Madison County bridge met with the county supervisors earlier this week to share their concerns.

Madison County is famous for its bridges, but many of them have been around for years.

When the Heritage Avenue bridge closed last week, some of the people who live nearby said they weren't prepared to see the barricades.

"We explained to them that it's a liability issue. When the engineering firm says that a bridge needs to be closed it's done immediately," said County Supervisor Kirk Macumber.

The county heard the neighbors concerns and discussed the possibilities. The best of which, might be putting a plan in place to fix the bridge.

"It would be far quicker to repair a bridge than to replace it. Replacing a bridge is a 3–5 year process," Macumber said.

People who use the bridge said they want a quick fix. It's something the county said they'd like to provide.

"It'll get on the schedule and hopefully get repaired or replaced here as soon as we can."

At this month's annual inspection 18 bridges in Madison County were reported as having problems of some sort. The county said they close about five or six each year.

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