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$20,000 Reward For Information On Missing Hampton Man

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By: Claire Powell


Hampton Police are offering a $20,000 reward for anyone with new information on a Hampton man who went missing on September 15th, 2013.

It's been six weeks since 22-year-old Ethan Kazmerzak was last seen at a party in Franklin County around 12 a.m. He may have been driving a 2006 Volkswagon Jetta at the time he left the party, but neither the car nor Kazmerzak have been found since.

"Somebody knows something, this family has been through enough, this town has been through enough and this counties been through enough," said Sheriff Larry Richtsmeier, Franklin County Sheriff's Office.

The $20,000 reward was pooled together from five anonymous donors in the community and is offered until December 2, 2013. The police are hoping that the reward may get encourage people to speak up.

Meanwhile, yellow ribbons and missing person's posters cover the town of Hampton. Volunteers have been behind it all and say they will never stop looking for Ethan.

"My son still says that ‘could've that been Ethan's car on the interstate,' you just think of it constantly, it never goes away for a little bit," said Jackie O'Brien, Kazmerzak's family friend.

"He was everybody's friend and we just want him home," said Pam DeVries, another family friend.

Kazmerzak went to the University of Iowa and was known as "Kaz" by all of his friends.

"He knew everybody, it was like he had the university in his pocket…"said Jared Zimmerline, a close friend, "Everybody loved the kid so much, we still do."

Zimmerline says they've searched all of his favorite writing spots and book stores. He also said he calls Kazmerzak's phone almost every day just to see if it will ring.

Kazmerzak's digital phone signal was last traced to a four way stop in Franklin County and police said, "From there, he could've gone any direction."

The community continues to search the gravel roads in their spare time in hopes to find the great writer, musician and friend.

"Ethan knew a lot of people, he was friends with everybody," said Sheriff Richtsmeier.  

"We've formed a community who's looking for him, caring for him and praying for his safe return and that his family has some kind of closure on this deal. I really hope he just needed some time away," said Zimmerline.

Ethan has dark blond hair, has had a beard, wears glasses, and has a Grateful Dead tattoo on his upper left arm. He was last seen wearing peach/orange colored shorts and a white/teal printed shirt.

If you have any information about Ethan please call North Iowa Crime Stoppers at 1-800-383-0088 or the Hampton Police Department at 1-641-456-2529.




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