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How To Stay Safe This Halloween

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By: Claire Powell


Sometimes, the biggest Halloween challenge isn't what to wear, but how to prepare for Beggars' Night.

For most Des Moines neighborhoods, Beggars' Night is Wednesday, October 30th or Thursday, October 31st.

For parents wondering how to keep their trick-or-treater's out of harms way, the American Red Cross has a list of tips on how to keep this a safe Halloween.

For starters, families should make a map of a trick-or-treating route.  

"If someone runs into trouble or trips and gets hurt or something, you want to make sure you know where they are," said Kara Kelly, Regional Communications Officer for American Red Cross.

Kids should stay on the sidewalks. Do not cut in front of cars or walk along the roads.

When it comes to the costume, it needs to be visible to traffic.

"For safety reasons, so everyone can see you. You want to be as light and as visible as possible, even when its dark out," said Kelly.

Some parents even planned their kids' costumes to reflect lights.  

"Their costumes are going to help them be very safe and we got some reflective stickers to put on their backs," said Hannah Camerson, who has two boys dressed as construction workers in bright yellow with silver reflecting tape and orange hard hats. "You can see them in the crowd with their bright orange and reflective stickers."

Only visit the homes that have porch lights turned on and take the candy at the door- never go inside.

"You want to make sure that porch light is on," said Kelly.

"We stick together as a family, walk together through our neighborhood," said Holly Tucker, Des Moines. "We only go to the houses with the lights on, we stay in the neighborhood we know, we don't go to new places."

"I usually just walk him up to the door and have him say "trick or treat" really loud!" said Jen Andersen, Des Moines.

Other tips are:

- Look for costumes that come in flame-resistant fabric

- Instead of masks that cover the eyes and make it difficult to see, try face paint.

- Be cautious around people's pets and other animals.


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