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City May Put Limit On Number of Pets

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By: Claire Powell


Pleasant Hill is one of the few cities that doesn't have a limit in place for pets allowed per household.

Tuesday night, the first of three readings was passed to set a maximum number of pets per house. The total of cats, dogs or a combination of both per house will have to be at or less than four if the ordinance passes the next two readings.

 However, it wouldn't include animals in foster care. The ordinance would also exclude agricultural areas, veterinarians and pet stores.

"We've had complaints from neighbors who live next door to households that have multiple animals in their households and it causes a problem for the neighbors," said Donald Sandor, Pleasant Hill City Manager.

Some people who spoke out said the number of animals a household is allowed to have should depend on the capability they have to care for them.

"I just don't think there's a magic number of pets that everyone can take care of. I mean one pet is enough for some people, for people who have time and money and the dedication it could be more than four," said Erich Riesenberg, Iowa Pet Adoptions.

Others stood up for the city on the Animal Rescue Leagues' Facebook page and said, "There should be stricter ordinances for the pets. The problem is people aren't taking care of them."

If people in the Pleasant Hill community are worried about what would happen if they already have more than four pets, city officials said not to worry. If the ordinance is passed, it won't take effect until late November and even then, it should only affect pet owners who have complaints against them.

"They would be enforced based on complaints, were not going to drive up and down the streets looking for houses with more than four animals. Many people wont feel any impact even if they have more than four at this point," said Sandor. 

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