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String of Shootings in DM Neighborhood

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Addie Olson


One of three separate shootings from the weekend is the fifth in a month-long string of shootings in the King Irving neighborhood.

All five of them took place within just one block of 17th Street.

Police got a call about a shooting near a house on Clark and 17th. One man was shot in the leg, treated at the hospital and then released.

Police said gang activity could have been at play.

"Shootings that we've experienced here in Des Moines typically are not random," said Jason Halifax of the Des Moines P.D.

The house sits just across from an elementary school.

"We're very proud of the neighborhood, we have a great location," said King Irving Neighborhood Association President, Joann Muldoon.

That school creates an even bigger reason to worry about the string of shootings in the area.

"We have a lot of problems that many of Des Moines' inner city neighborhoods have," Muldoon said.

Muldoon said she feels safe in the King Irving home that she's lived in for 25 years.

"My neighbors watch out for me and I watch out for them," she said.

But she wants to see problem areas, like the corner of Clark and 17th, addressed.

"We want to see the neighborhood safe and we don't want to see people with guns shooting them off anywhere in the neighborhood," said Muldoon.

Police say since mid–September they've been called to the same block five times on reports of shootings.

If it continues, they may look into extra enforcement.

"We'll look at those numbers and really how they continue on in the future for the next days, weeks and months," Halifax said.

Police have been using a summer patrol team for extra enforcement over the last few years. That team just stopped for this summer, but police said they could still bring it back if these problems continue.

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