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Thousands Of Smoke Alarms Installed In Des Moines Homes

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By: Claire Powell


The Des Moines Fire Department and hundreds of volunteers worked together to install thousands of smoke detectors in one Des Moines neighborhood.

One hundred and forty-eight teams joined forces for the first Smoke Alarm Blitz. The purpose was to make homes in the Highland Park neighborhood a little safer.

"Our goal is to get as many in as possible. Ten thousand would be nice but as many homes as we can get into, that's our goal right now," said Captain Steve Brown, Des Moines Fire Department.

There should be a smoke detector in every bedroom and level of a house, but many households don't have enough smoke detectors.

"I only had one smoke detector in my house and it was sitting on the counter in the kitchen," said Louise Chase, Des Moines.

Firefighters say multiple detectors are crucial to getting people out in time.

"It gives people time to get out in a fire emergency. It gives them those extra seconds to get out of the structure so they're not overcome by the smoke," said Capt. Brown.

Now, many in the community are prepared in case a fire does occur.

"Usually you don't find people who will do things like that, so I really appreciate them coming in and doing this for me. If I have one in every room, I should be able to hear it!" said Chase.

The teams stayed until late afternoon installing fire detectors throughout the neighborhood.

Capt. Brown also said there were reports of people claiming to be with the Smoke Alarm Blitz to gain access into homes. Brown said it is a one day only event and that the actual volunteers have City of Des Moines name tags on the front of their shirts.  

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