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School Security System Scans ID's

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By: Claire Powell


On Monday, the Indianola School District began using their new security system.

Part of the 29 million dollar bond issue, that was passed in June, was to upgrade the security system in all of the school buildings.

The Raptor Visitor Managing System is designed to scan government issued ID's, like drivers licenses, against the National Sex Offender Registry. 

"We have about 3,500 students and over 500 employees, so we're just trying to make it as safe as we possibly can," said Indianola School District Superintendent Mike Teigland.

Once the ID is scanned and approved, guests are assigned a badge that shows the date, destination and the guests' photo.

 "We'll ask them to wear it and they'll go about their business. When they come back, we take it, destroy it and log them out of the system," said Middle School Secretary Ryan Whitsitt.

This extra measure is making parents and teachers feel more secure.

 "It used to be you could just walk into the school building. Maybe if you were conscientious you checked in to the principals' office, but if you knew where you were going, maybe you just headed straight there. I think it's a good thing that that's not allowed anymore," said Kathy Timmerman, Indianola Middle School Administrator and parent.

"It's a nice thing to know that the school is taking the extra steps to protect my son and monitor who comes in and out of the building. You never know when there's a chance for danger at a school, so you want to make sure all the kids are protected at all grade levels," said Ryan Foust, a parent.

Superintendent Teigland said they don't want to discourage any visitors from coming to the school but want to put the safety of the students and administrators as the first priority. 

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