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Need For Food Continues To Grow

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By: Claire Powell


According to a new report from the Salvation Army, the need for food in the metro continues to grow.

Two Salvation Army food pantries have given groceries to 10,200 households in the past 12 months. The Salvation Army gets their food from the Des Moines Area Religious Council, DMARC, and is part of their food pantry network.

Lines to get groceries start before the pantries open and after, there is a steady flow keeping employees and volunteers busy filling grocery carts.

This year, the two pantries are serving 10% more households than 2012, and 17% more than 2011.

"They find themselves in need of food, we've had people come in and say we've never had to have help before, but we do now. And I think that's a big part of it, people who are just getting along and something happens, so the economy is not recovering for them," said Arvid Huisman, Development and Communications Director for Salvation Army.

In addition to food assistance, rent, mortgage and deposit assistance has increased by 24% from 2012.

"There is a lot of need in our community, sometimes it's hard to see the need. We see the new houses coming up and new buildings coming up and we don't get off the freeway and into the neighborhoods where people are really hurting, the need is here," said Huisman.

People in the community says this kind of help is invaluable for people who can't afford the things that they need most.

"They helped with food, with clothing and personal hygiene, when you couldn't afford it. When we had no income, they just helped us a lot and not just my family but lots of families," said Carolyn Schermerhorn, Des Moines.

"So many people need help getting food and to survive you have to have food," said Kathy Schilling, Des Moines.

"You know, people don't go hungry because of these places, it is invaluable," said Schermerhorn.

To donate to either Salvation Army or Des Moines Area Religious Council food pantries, visit or

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