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Tenants Worried After Second Drive-by

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Tenants say they heard gunshots pepper the windows and walls of 1065 21st Street around 5 p.m. Sunday. They also said they saw an SUV flee the scene.

Most of the shots went into Apt. 7, where no one was home. Two bullets did make their way into another apartment, but the tenant was not hit.

"He said that he even had a shot come through his wall," recalled tenant Jens Pregler. "I was like, you've got to be kidding me."

One round shot through a staircase window. It's a staircase that Tina Ricardez and her four children walk up and down every day.

"This is how close it could've been," Ricardez said. "My kid could've stood up and got shot right in the head."

The tenants said another drive–by hit their building just a few months ago.

"Our whole neighborhood needs to get together about this because the violence is actually really picking up," Pregler said.

They want more than just a meeting between neighbors. Kate Sudbrock believes they need more building security and police patrols.

"What's it going to take is for one of us to wind up shot in order for the police or anybody to do anything about it," Sudbrock said.

Police said they've already extended their Special Enforcement Team patrol. They also said tenants of the apartment they think was targeted were not cooperative.

"Typically that suggests that they know why it happened and possibly who did it," said Sgt. Jason Halifax of the Des Moines P.D. "They just aren't interested in telling us that information."

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