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Drive-Thru Offers Flu Shot

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By: Claire Powell


The flu season is just around the corner and for those who didn't have time to make an appointment, the Polk County Health Department offered a "drive-thru flu clinic" Saturday morning.

Cars lined up outside of the health department and families filled out insurance forms, or paid twenty dollars, for the vaccine.

Cars followed traffic cones to a nursing station where they received their shots.

"It's very convenient to just drop by. We don't have to make an appointment or anything or take time off of work or anything like that," said Victoria Hardy, Des Moines.

 "It's just in time, we want to be protected from the winter and also going to get everybody protected around us," said Gilberto Sosa, Des Moines.

"It's Saturday, I can get it out of the way. I have two young children and it's much easier than hauling them into an office... way easier," said Jennifer Hughes, Des Moines.

This is the 7th year the health department has held a drive-thru clinic and says the convenience is what draws between 150-200 people every year.

"The more convenient we can make it for people, the more convenient it is for them to get vaccinated, the more people who get vaccinated!" said Rick Kozin, Director for Polk County Health Department.

The department also said the seasonal sickness should be taken very seriously, especially if you plan to be around infants under six-months-old or elderly people with chronic health conditions.

"It's a serious enough disease that you don't want to get it and the single, simplest thing people can do to increase their protection is get vaccinated," said Kozin.

"This year I'm working as a substitute teacher and in a nursery so it's doubly important that I get one and I had the chance to do it drive thru so, what could beat that, here I am!" said Hughes.

The health department has around 50 community clinics giving flu shots through the end of November. They also have flu shots available during the weekdays at Polk County Health Department. 

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