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Saylorville Campground Closed

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by Phil Prazan


Here in Iowa, Congress' in–action leaves people searching for answers.  Not only are the federally run places closed, but the government shutdown affects the businesses surrounding them.

Tables sit empty around Saylorville Lake.  The only campsite noise, comes from the birds.  Barricades stop cars from crossing the road over the dam.

Locks shut out would be campers, with a sign showing the reason, the government shutdown extends past these signs.

Over at Johnston Bait and Tackle, Darcy Olson expects a slow weekend.

Only one day past shutdown, she already can sense the effects.

She tells how customers come in asking for bait, only to hear about the signs blocking the campground entrances.  Her business suffers.

 "I know what they do does affect me but usually I don't see it happen this quickly.  So, just, so directly, I just think it's a slap in the face, and that they don't think we're smart enough to figure that out.  That's what's insulting," says Olson, speaking about Congress.

The boat ramps run by Saylorville are closed.  The private marina remains open.

Even though the road over the dam is shut down, the dam itself will still be operated by the Army Corps of Engineers.

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