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75 Uncounted Polk County School Board Votes

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by Phil Prazan



Election laws keep our democracy going.  They insure every eligible citizen can vote.  But 75 absentee ballots in the recent school board election were not counted.

These absentee ballots arrived before the deadline but didn't have a postmark proving that they mailed it before the election.

Polk County Auditor Jamie Fitzgerald was the bearer of the bad news.

He mailed 75 voters in Polk County telling them that the post office did not postmark and stamp their ballot; so their vote wasn't counted according to Iowa Code.

ABC 5 checked in with the regional post office today.

They say they don't typically postmark 'business reply mail,' the type of mail the ballots were sent out in.

But the Post Service, the Secretary of State and auditors across Iowa are looking in to this issue.

"We'd prefer to work with the post office and to make sure everything gets a time stamp.  That way we understand the post mark and we can prove that this came in at this time," says Polk County auditor Jamie Fitzgerald.

These 75 ballots came in from across Polk county so we don't know which elections were effected.  One Des Moines school board race was decided by 28 votes.

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