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Navy Yard Shooting Not Impacting Local Gun Sales

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By: Claire Powell


After mass shootings, like Sandy Hook Elementary, police say they see an increase in the sale of guns and a rise in applications for gun permits. But after the mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., it doesn't seem to be having the same effect.  

"Certain events like that definitely boosts peoples' awareness of what may happen in the general public," said Sergeant Brent Long, Polk County Sheriff's Office.

Especially after the presidential election and Sandy Hook, thousands of Americans who feared gun control raced to get their own weapons.

Even gun permit requests in Iowa increased by 50 percent. But currently, permit sales have stayed the same.

"Usually after a tragic event like that we have seen an increase. Particularly after events like Sandy Hook Elementary, we saw a large increase in the number of people that came in for gun permits. In this particular event, with what happened at the Navy Yard, we haven't seen that increase as of yet," said Sgt. Long.

Local gun sales also dramatically increased after Sandy Hook, but remain steady for now.

"After the election, up until 90 days ago, it was huge, unprecedented numbers, but as of right now I'd say we're about average for this time of year," said Mike Sporer, owner of JLM Gun Shoppe in Des Moines.

Ammunition is still in short supply after extremely high demand earlier in the year.

Sgt. Long says gun permit requests and sales may not increase this time because people have already obtained their permits and their weapons.

"There's so many people carrying concealed weapons now that the ammunition manufacturers really haven't caught up with demand yet. In terms of fire arm sales, we're pretty average for this time of year and it's kind of winding down," said Sporer.

"We may see a slight increase, but so far we haven't seen it, so it's hard to tell," said Sgt. Long.

Our ABC affiliate, KCRG in Cedar Rapids, also reported on gun sales and permit requests and said that Johnson County hasn't seen an increased, either. To read more on their story visit,


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