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Democratic Politicians Speak At Senator's Steak Fry

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Sunday was Senator Tom Harkin's 36th Annual Steak Fry, with guests including Vice President Joe Biden and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

"I believe in the blue print of President Obama and Vice President Biden for affordable health care for all Americans in the United States," said Mayor Castro.

The top points of the steak fry speeches included health care, education reform and keeping the middle class stable and safe. 

Senator Harkin spoke to the crowd about health care equality, especially to disabled individuals. 

"Every American will have accessibility to affordable health care insurance that cannot be taken away and I want you to know that means every American with a disability. No more segregation, no more second class, no more exclusion for people with disabilities in America," said Harkin.

Mayor Castro, who was the keynote speaker at last years' Democratic Convention, pushed the importance of education.

"The only reason I was able to reach my American dream to go to college and become a professional is because I worked hard, my family worked hard, but because there were pell grants, Perkins' Loans, work studies and Stafford Loans," said Mayor Castro. 

While Vice President Biden made sure the middle class was not forgotten. 

"The measure of the success of our administration will be whether or not the middle class is growing and the things that allow it to grow and feel some security. Creating real jobs, jobs you could raise a middle class family on... jobs that build this country," said Vice President Biden. 

None of the speakers today spoke about the 2016 presidential race, but Mayor Castro did mention he thought a Democrat would win. 

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