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Ames Police Departments Keep Fans Safe

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By: Claire Powell


Earlier today, the Jack Trice Stadium parking lots were full of fans tailgating before the game.

Many people thought with a 5 o'clock kick off that fans may get out of control.

"I think it's pretty easy to say this is the big event in the state of Iowa," said Chief Rob Bowers, Iowa State Police Department.

Of the fans flowing into the tailgating lots, many were followed by coolers full of beverages.

"I think there's a lot of good things about a 5 o'clock game, it gives people more time to park, in a traffic perspective. Yes, it does make for a little bit longer day, so if somebody wants to get in trouble, they've got more time to get in trouble," said Bowers.

When Bowers said trouble, he was referring to issues with excessive drinking and alcohol use. The most common citation at football games is minor in possession followed by public intoxications and open containers. But the fans around Jack Trice on Saturday said that people had been staying fairly under control.

"There's all sorts of energy around everywhere, you know drinking in moderation, but it's not too dangerous now from what I can see. Everybody's keeping control of each other, keeping each other with them," said an Iowa State fan.

"Since tailgating is a little later now, you wake up a little more, get a little more out of hand.." said another fan.

"I don't think that they're going to find that it's any different than an 11 o'clock game, but it's just nice not have to get up at 3 a.m.," said another fan.

By mid-afternoon Saturday, the police departments hadn't reported many incidents and the atmosphere around the stadium was booming.

"We see a few problems but like I said earlier, we see 80,000 people who are together enjoying Iowa and Iowa state and just enjoying the atmosphere," said Bowers.  

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