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Ames Businesses Prepare For Thousands

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By: Claire Powell


Businesses all across Ames are scrambling to prepare for the rivalry Iowa-Iowa State game this weekend.

Fans are stocking up on tailgating necessities for the big day and so are the stores.

"Friday is your last shot, we get as much as we can in on Friday and it's always a big guessing game but it's better to be long than short," said Brian Schmith, manager at Fareway Stores.

Homemade buns, cold beer and chips are all piled high in the stores to make sure every celebration has what it needs.  

"It's a chance, just like the holidays, to celebrate so there's that little extra push on all the items," said Schmith.

Restaurants like Hickory Park will go through 25,000 pounds of meat this week. They have also had calls coming in for months about catering to the tailgating lots.

"Well people started reserving their spots months ago for the catering service and we really do book early for full service catering. At least with the 5 o' clock game we have a little bit more time to get ready and we'll be excited and ready," said Tracy Drury, manager of Hickory Park.

Other restaurants that are not as busy today, will be standing room only come kick-off on Saturday.

"One of our best days of all times, we're preparing for that by expanding our patio to give us extra capacity. I mean we ordered double food, double drinks and doubled the staff so we're ready. It's always fun, it can be challenging, but it's exciting and fun," said Bryan Kinneer, owner of West Towne Pub in Ames.

All in all, businesses have their hands full but are excited for the big day.  

"We'll be full until we close and we close at 2 a.m. It's taxing on the staff but its fun, we'll be full around the clock," said Kinneer.

"Well we just get so excited to see all the fans, both the Iowa State, who are more local, and of the traveling fans that come into town, as well," said Drury.





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