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Drake's Diplomat Reacts to Speech

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by Phil Prazan



Drake's diplomat in residence Jerry Gallucci says the President is still talking tough while we wait to see what will happen in Syria. Gallucci watched the President's speech at our ABC5 studios Tuesday night, right after teaching his course on the United Nations and Global Security at Drake.

Syrian President Bashar Assad finally said yes he has chemical weapons and he's promised to let the UN inspect, count, secure and eventually destroy said weapons. Russia brokered the deal with the Syrian government.

Gallucci says the president is now is calling the attack dogs off, but still holds them, watching to make sure Syria comes through on it's promise.
"While still calling full force for an intervention, he's now saying we're going to hold off for now and see where diplomacy will lead us," says Gallucci.

The President didn't give a timeline for how long the US would wait for a diplomatic solution or when and if a strike would go before Congress.

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