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ISU Student Diagnosed With Tuberculosis

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By: Claire Powell


An Iowa State University student is in isolation after being diagnosed for tuberculosis.

This isn't ISU's first case of TB, but the disease has been rare. TB is spread by close contact and breathing in the germs from the air.

 "Really signs of an infection with fever, night sweats, lots of coughing and even blood, coughing up blood, those are some symptoms of advanced illness that hasn't been detected early and been treated," said Michelle Hendricks, Director of Thielen Student Health Center in Ames.

To be sure that it doesn't spread, the university is keeping the student in isolation for two weeks. The health center is also contacting people who have been in close contact with the student to make sure that they are tested.

"This is one of those 'no news is good news' because we've done that really careful investigation, we'll contact anyone who needs to be screened, so persons who aren't contacted can really feel confident that they're not at risk," said Hendricks.

The health center says not to worry too much because passing it on to another person is very difficult.

 "It's not that easily passed, so it's not that easy to spread it. It spreads primarily through coughing from an infected person, but not easily, so it takes a lot of contact and close contact with someone," said Hendricks. 

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