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TSA Pre-Screening Comes to Des Moines

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Addie Olson



The TSA is expanding their pre–check program to 60 new airports including the Des Moines International Airport.

It allows people to go online for an identity check instead of going through the shoes off, jacket off process.

Travelers wait in shorter lines in Des Moines than they do in most places.

"It's very quick and very easy," said Cathy Nelson of Casey, Iowa. "You can get right through."

Other airports give fliers a little more trouble.

"Some of the lines get long, they really do," said Don Watson of Ottumwa.

Security checks are a big part of that wait, but a part that Des Moines fliers think is necessary.

TSA's pre-check will allow some travelers to leave their shoes, belts and jackets on.

Right now it's only open to frequent fliers, but later this year it will be open to other travelers for $85.

Nearly 12 years after the event that brought about the TSA, is the U.S.finally feeling secure enough to loosen those safety restrictions for $85?

"This is not a safe world any more," Kathy Watson said.

Or should travelers keep taking their shoes off?

"It doesn't bother me, to be honest," Don said of following the safety precautions. "I'd rather have that than have somebody with a shoe–bomb."

Forty other airports across the nation already offer the pre-check process.


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